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AireSpring offers next-generation integrated, SIP/VoIP, voice, and data products geared to deliver power and flexibility at cost-effective rates. Information about AireSpring’s SIP products can be found at AireSpring VoIP/SIP Service. AireSpring continues to expand and diversify its SIP Trunking product line to satisfy the demands of the SMB to Enterprise market for flexible, customized solutions at cost-effective rates.
babyTEL is an established company witha 15-year track record of developing innovative and successful new telecom products andservices, including the first platforms for the deployment of fax over IP in large-scale networks and networked unified messaging. Customers include major carriers and Fortune 10 companies.
Bandwidth.com is a national communications provider offering businesses grade internet, on-demand office applications and IP-voice services across one of the largest and most advanced all IP voice networks in North America. Bandwidth provides its customers with unparalleled selection, savings and service backed by lifetime support, all from one trusted partner at a fraction of the cost. Bandwidth.com has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the only telecom service provider to be listed in both the 2006 and 2007 lists as one of the fastest growing private telecommunications companies in North America.
BlinkMind Corporation is a cloud-based video conferencing service provider, specializing in the delivery of high quality video over the public internet. All video conferencing services are hosted in our own private cloud, serviced in four geographically redundant datacenters. We use, FlexBridge, our own software-based multipoint conferencing unit (MCU) to deliver up to 16 person video conferencing to a wide array of devices and interfaces. BlinkMind’s network also supports full enterprise VoIP services, turning your Grandstream video phone into an all-in-one voice & video communication solution.
BroadVoice’s Internet phone system allows business and residential customers to use a cable modem, DSL modem, or another broadband connection to make and receive VoIP phone calls using a standard touchtone phone. Their “Bring Your Own Device” plans allow customers to utilize their own SIP devices, such as IP phones, softphones, and Asterisk PBXs. BroadVoice ensures accurate connectivity throughout the experience with their “SecureSIP” technology, while “SmartSIP” technology optimizes the routing of network voice traffic while providing the best possible quality voice transmission.
has deployed one of the largest, full-featured global VoIP networks and is trusted by more than 160 telecommunications carriers, CLECs, ISPs and over a thousand enterprises to terminate and originate over six billion minutes annually. The Broadvox network operations center provides the reliability, security and quality of service required by the world’s most discriminating customers. Broadvox offers SIP Trunking, SIP origination and termination services and hosted communications solutions.
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