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3CX offers a fully featured FREE IP PBX with no time outs that is supported via the 3CX forums. 3CX is a privately held company with a management team backed by years of experience in developing and selling network infrastructure software.
Denwa is a top provider of softswitches, virtual PBXs, and IP-PBXs for NGN. Its softswitch solutions actively run in more than 30 telephony operators across the globe. IP-PBX platforms, tailored to both SMB and SME markets, have positioned Denwa as first-in-class in the telecommunications field.
Digium | Asterisk
Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk company, is the original creator and primary developer of Asterisk, the industry’s first open source telephony platform. Digium provides quality hardware and software products, including AsteriskNOWTM, the complete open source software appliance; Asterisk Business EditionTM, the professional-grade version of Asterisk; the AA50, the Asterisk ApplianceTM hardware-based telephony solution; and Switchvox, a complete turn-key IP PBX solution, to enterprises and telecommunications providers worldwide.
Elastix® is developed and managed by PaloSanto Solutions an Ecuadorian Based Company. PaloSanto Solutions is a leader in open source innovation and new technology in Latin America. Their experience in the development and implementation of open source technologies makes them the preferred technology provider to more than 1000 companies.
Epygi Technologies designs and manufactures robust IP PBXs, voice over IP gateways and cost-saving conference servers. Epygi Quadro PBX appliances are positioned to serve the SMB and SOHO markets, teleworkers and branch offices of large corporations.
FONAX PRO is A SERVER BASE IPPBX with capacity to manage between 1 to 400 extensions, up to 100 concurrent calls, inter connectable with digital trunks, analog lines or voip sip trunking, it is suitable for anyone who wants to have unified communications, has a full mobile solution, reduce communications cost, manage advance reports , for a reasonable price without licensing.
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